Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love to the Mommy Dears!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I feel an extra special need to write a post dedicated to my mother today! She started knitting when I was in third grade, and signed me up for lessons after I begged her to let me try. Then we took a crochet class together and a year later she came to teach my girl scout troupe to stitch. In high school she helped me conduct my first sale and signed all the paperwork for me since I had not yet turned 18. She gathered all her crafty friends and taught them to stitch when I needed a bulk of hats to sell for UNICEF Tsunami Relief, manned the booth when I was at school, and sent in the check that helped save lots of lives after such a terrible disaster.

I have gone through many phases in my life where I have done no stitching at all... and my mom always brings me back to it. Today, I hate to think of where I'd be if it weren't for my mother and stitching... 2 things I definitely could not live without!

This year my mom spent her birthday helping to take care of my grandfather before he passed away and she is spending today in the hospital taking care of my father who is still learning to walk on his new knee. Other than being in the hospital yourself for a serious health issue, being in the hospital with someone you love is a hard day full of worry, little sleep, and surviving off crappy coffee shop food. My mom has been at it since Thursday. We would ALL be lost without her!

And a special thank you also to my wonderful Grandmother Anne and Aunt Ellen - both awesome stitchers as well, amazingly strong women, and incredibly selfless moms. (My grandmother took car of my grandpa for 10 years after his stroke, and my Aunt Ellen took care of both my grandmother and my mother when they had health issues of their own.) I'm incredibly grateful for the strong women in my life... and for the strong, crafty women and mothers everywhere that continue to brighten and inspire my days.

Now off to deliver coffee to my very sleepy parents camped out at the hospital!

Have a lovely Mother's Day!

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