Friday, May 20, 2011

So you have some extra yarn? ... AWESOME

I've found that I often end up with a good amount of yarn left after a project. Not really enough to make a hat... but too much that you just can't see it go in the trash.

Make this and enjoy.

You need...
A chunk of leftover yarn.
G hook (bigger hook if your yarn is thicker)
3X4 inch piece of cardboard (longer than 4 inches if your yarn is thicker)
Really sharp scissors
Tapestry Needle

Begin by making a long chain necklace that will fit around your head. It can be as long or as short as you want. I'm chaining 110 and joining with a slip stitch.
Cut and bind off. Knot the tails and cut. (This knot will later be covered!)

Cut a strand of yarn about 7 inches in length, but it does not have to be specific.

Line up this strand of yarn and the knotted end of your Chain necklace along the top of the piece of cardboard.

Starting from the bottom of the piece of cardboard, start wrapping the yarn to make a tassel. Keep wrapping until tassel reaches your desired thickness or you run out of yarn.

Tie the 7 inch strand of yarn as tight as you can around the top of the tassel.
Chop the tassel along the bottom of the cardboard and pull the cardboard out.
Cut a loooong strand of yarn... about 30 inches and thread one end through the tapestry needle.
Wrap the long strand of yarn as tightly as possible around the top section of the tassel until you have a few inches left on the long strand. Use the tapestry needle to knot around the tight wrap you have made. Thread the end of the tale through the tight wrap and let it blend in with the rest of the tassel.

Finally, clean this look up and chop off the short strand of yarn around the top... you no longer need it to hold the yarn together.

And now... you have a totally cute necklace to wear with whatever piece of clothing/accessory you have stitched up! Cute!

Extra idea... if you want this to come closer to a piece of jewelry than a knit item, replace the string of stitched chains with an actual metal chain. Might take some wire working beyond just your hook... but it is definitely a fun accessory!

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janice said...

I like the necklace, but I'd really LUV to know if you have a

pattern for the shirt pictured with it?