Monday, May 23, 2011

Vintage Photos

There is nothing I love more than old pictures of people I love... and truthfully I adore ALL vintage photos. I took a huge break from Sans Limites a couple months ago to spend some time with my Grandfather Ed Dudek before he passed away. While it was a very sad experience, I love all the stories I heard, facts I learned, and pictures I found.

Both my grandparents had amazing style... and one of the greatest compliments I get is when I'm compared to my grandmother, Mary Ellen. Beyond being beautiful, tall, trim, and fashionable (and a model), she was the sweetest woman you could meet and so kind to everyone. My grandfather grew up helping to run the Dudek store in Schuyler, Nebraska where he picked and paired suits for everyone in the city. He wore stylish button up shirts until the day he died. He sent them out to be starched and pressed so he always looked his best. I bought him some shirts on my Africa trips and was tickled to find one of them freshly returned from the cleaner's (recently worn) when I went out to see him. Oh yeah... he was also a rocket scientist and an engineer that helped send Apollo to the moon and built the stealth bomber!

My grandfather proposed to my grandmother after a week or two of dating, and they were married for well over 50 years.

Here... some of my absolute favorite old time photos.

My grandfather, Ed Dudek Jr., in his navy uniform.

My grandfather, dressed to impress.

My father (also Ed Dudek) playing with my Aunt Sue.

My Dad and Aunt Louise.

My Grandfather Ed as a child (born in 1922).

My Grandmother Mary Ellen (looking beautiful as always) holding my dad and Aunt Louise.

My Grandfather as a baby.

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