Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yarn bomb? ... Yes Please...

Yarn bombing has taken over the country! Read this awesome article from The New York Times for the full story, or read this blog post for a quick summation!

Jessie Hemmons is responsible for an awesome peace of yarn bombing in Philadelphia. She says, "Street art and graffiti are usually so male dominated. Yarn bombing is more feminine. It's like graffiti with grandma sweaters."

Yarn bombing is an artistic, feminine work of art that has been popping up in cities all over the world. The entire crafting movement, in fact, has been a chance for traditionally female home handicraft to step out into the world, challenge the norms, and allow women to make some serious money ... all while fostering an environment generally lacking in competition and overflowing with creative support. That handmade goodness is leaving lady's (and gent's) living rooms and hitting the big cities where everything from a city sculpture, to a park bench, to a tree can be found covered in fun and funky yarn colors handmade by an anonymous yarn bomber to beautify the outdoors and add some colorful life to ho-hum cityscapes.

Salt Lake City has even been hit by the yarn bombing craze! A bike rack in front of Jack Mormon Coffee in the Avenues has been seriously beautified! Are you a stitcher that wants to try knitting a sweater for a random object, too? Join local favorite Blazing Needles as they knit a sweater for a mini cooper this month and sprinkle this city with some random acts of art!

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lopezjennylopez said...

Love it, I would like to have a tree like this at home!!!