Friday, September 23, 2011

A Day with Horst

The day after the fashion show we eagerly attended a lecture from the featured artist, Horst of Horst Couture. He told us all about the methods behind his revolutionary felt designs - including a method for lightning speed felting (hint: it includes a sander!).

Beyond learning his fantastic speed felting strategies, he was a lively and energetic person that leaves you feeling truly inspired. He discussed what it was like to grow up poor, his love for his family, and what a fabulous journey his life has been - struggles and all. It is always awesome to find someone who does something they truly love who went through a lot to get where they are. There are happy endings!

Check out his website HERE!

We were given the awesome opportunity to explore, touch, and try on some of these awesome fiber art pieces... check out our fun photos below!

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