Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fashion Week Comes to Fort Collins

I came home from Italy glad to be home but in the back of my mind wishing I maybe got stuck in New York or Paris for all these wonderful fashion events.

I was so glad to come home and realize that fashion week also comes to Fort Collins! Our fancy performance hall - the Lincoln Center- had its grand reopening after an almost 2 year remodel. We attended its opening weekend to go to the ArtWear Fashion Show, put on by Gary Hixon.

What made this fashion show awesome was how it really was focused on wearable fiber arts- just my cup of tea! Pieces were hand dyed, quilted, sewn, crocheted, knitted... and felted! The grand finale was a great feature on Horst Couture's amazing felt pieces (more on that tomorrow)! Also endlessly enjoyable for me? My high school principal, 9th grade history teacher, and pre-ballet and tap teacher were all featured in the show as dancers and models. Dancers AND models... seriously... could this event have been more perfect for me?

Here are some photos of myself and the ladies in my family enjoying some wine and fashion... in FORT COLLINS... who knew?

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