Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Twisty Rolly Headband

This is a very simple knit pattern for a fun and stylish headband! Make it in a fun and bright color to bring a little warmth to your head this fall.

-About half a skein of worsted weight yarn
-Size 8 16" circular knitting needles
-Stitch Marker

Cast on 65 stitches... throw a few more on there if you have a large head or knit super tightly.

When joining to form a circle, leave one twist in the stitches so there will be a twist in the finished headband giving it that turban look.

Knit 25 Rows, moving the stitch marker up the rows as you go so you can keep track of the row you are on.

Bind off and weave in ends. Let the headband roll and twist and keep you nice and cozy warm!


DQuigs said...

I'm a beginner knitter and super excited to make this my next project. I love the pictures! Hopefully, I can recreate the quality and cuteness of your headband in time for Christmas. Thank you for posting!

Sans Limites Crochet said...

Awesome to hear! Let me know if you need any help following the pattern! Best of luck with your knitting adventures!

henriat said...

I've tried to start this and put the twist in it like you said, but after knitting the first row the twist is always gone. What am I doing wrong?

Jenn said...

I just made this. I added stitches when casting on. I started with 72 total. It is still WAY too small for my head. Can't even get it on.