Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bow Clip DIY

I'm a little bow obsessed at the moment. So here are some bow clips you can make yourself. I originally thought they would be awesome clips to dress up your shoes... but now I'm thinking they would look good on a shirt... in your hair... on a belt. Oh wow... a great way to dress anything up! YAY!

You will need:

- a small amount of worsted weight yarn, maybe a quarter of a skein.
- a J crochet hook
- a tapestry needle
- a needle and thread
- 2 small alligator clips from a craft store (or more... for however many of these you want to make)

Begin with a Ch 30.
Join in a loop with a sl st taking care not to twist the stitches.
Ch 1. 1 Sc in each ch around. 30 Sc total. Join with a sl st.
Ch 1. 1 Sc in each Sc around. 30 Sc total. Join with a sl st.
Continue until there are 10 rows of Sc.
Cut a very long tail (a couple feet) and bind off.
Wrap the long tail around the center to join the crochet piece into a bow.
When you have a few inches left, thread the tail into the tapestry needle and thread it through the wrapped tail knotting it off a few times to secure the center piece.
Use the needle and thread to attach to a hair clip attaching so the clip is vertical across the back of the wrapped center part of the bow.

Do all this again to make a pair of fun bows to clip to your shoes... or whatever you feel.

Email with questions and happy stitching!

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