Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fine and Funky BLACKFRIDAY

Happy Thanksgiving. While sitting here in my turkey tummy bliss thought I'd post about a couple pretty important things happening tomorrow!

1. Starting tomorrow, enter BLACKFRIDAY as the coupon code for the Etsy shop and get 20% off all finished items and patterns! WOOH! Sorry - this offer doesn't apply to any custom orders. I've spent the last two days listing all the random stuff I've had laying around my house for a while and tomorrow you get 20% OFF IT ALL. Now that's awesome. Plus... I promise I appreciate your business a thousand times more than Wal-Mart does.

2. You know who else will really appreciate your business? All the artists and crafters at the Fine and Funky Art Sale happening tomorrow and Saturday in the Opera Galleria in Fort Collins. This is a sale that lives up to its name and everything there is pretty darn AWESOME! I'll be there all day helping out Colorado Felt and Fiber Arts with a bag full of projects and hopefully half of the leftover pumpkin pie smuggled in my purse! I might share... but probably not. See you tomorrow!

ENJOY the rest of THANKSGIVING!!! ... and check out these photos of the latest hand felted creations from my mama.


AVY said...

Cute :)

/ Avy

Sick by Trend said...

Very cool all the necklaces :D I'm following

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