Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Christmas List that Keeps on Giving

I have very little on my list this year that's not related to yarn/pattern writing/computer technology things... But there are some amazing places to get your Christmas gifts this year that help the world at the same time.

First on my list... this sweatshirt from Krochet Kids International. Buy a Hat. Change a Life.

Krochet Kids is a totally awesome and kinda new company started by some dudes from Washington who grew up crocheting (you already love them, don't you?). As they traveled about during their college years they found themselves in Northern Uganda - an area crippled by poverty and filled with camps of displaced people from a horrible civil war where many were tortured by the Lords Resistance Army. Yeah... it's a really hard place to live. So they gave women in the area jobs crocheting hats. All the proceeds from your purchase go back to these women who are also given business classes. They use their reliable income to send their kids to school, pay for healthcare, and start their own businesses that are needed in the area - breaking the cycle of poverty. Totally awesome, yes? They've recently expanded to impoverished areas of Peru taking advantage of their already strong culture of knitting and awesome use of alpaca yarns. (Mmmmmm... alpaca!) When you buy a hat it is signed by the woman who made it and you can go on their website to read about her story. You can find their product at a lot of Nordstroms around the country and online on their website. This is DEFINITELY a source of Christmas gifts that will make you feel awesome!

And NEXT on the list... these shoes from TOMS. One for One!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years... you've probably heard of TOMS. Their idea is One for One. If you buy a pair of shoes from them, they will give a pair of shoes to a child in need somewhere in the world. After my time in Africa last summer, learning about all the parasites that can be caught through your bare feet, and seeing all the kids that DO NOT HAVE SHOES, this is a pretty awesome idea. They started off with simple slip-ons... now they have botas, heels, boots, and soon... ballet flats. You can look really cool and help a child at the same time. Happy Holidays for everyone!

And also these glasses from Warby Parker. Buy a pair, give a pair and DO GOOD.

Not only are these glasses totally CUTE, they are CHEAP! AND you're helping the world. That's pretty awesome. I also spent a good amount of time in Africa last summer running eye tests and giving away pairs of glasses. There is an unspeakable amount of people in this world that can't see and can't get glasses. I can't imagine living my life blindly, but people do it everyday. Don't worry... if you're a 20/20 (lucky, lucky) person, you can support the cause with their really cute sunglasses.

And of course... buying ANYTHING off Etsy is supporting a local artist that puts their heart and soul into making something special for you. As an Etsy seller myself I can't even put into words how much I love making things for people and actually seeing them wear it. I'm currently loving this skirt from ArtAffect.

So that's it. That's my list... well and yarn... always jonesing for some yarn. I'm pretty stoked on this list and I guarantee all of these sites have such a wide variety of awesome things, you will find SOMETHING you love! Happy Holiday shopping! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Day!

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