Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Who is excited for the Black Friday madness?

I, myself, not so much. Having a strong dislike of crowds (I think it's genetic) and a strong love of sleep (also genetic), I have never found myself amongst the Black Friday madness. You will most likely find me resting away my turkey coma and trying to beat the rest of the fam to the pie leftovers... even though I do really love a good deal.

Best news of the day? You can get a great deal in my Etsy shop while sitting at home on your rump trying to beat YOUR family to the pie leftovers. Yes, I'm hopping on the coupon code train. Starting Friday, enter the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY (all caps, no spaces) while checking out of the shop and get 20% off your purchase of patterns or finished items. Sorry, the coupon code doesn't apply to custom orders!

The sale will start sometime in the morning on Friday (probably later, cause folks, I'm sleeping in) and last throughout the weekend... maybe even longer if the turkey high keeps me in such a great mood.

So shop HERE and enter BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 20% off!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and remember your holiday good cheer during the madness Friday.

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Lidiya said...

I love all of these clothes, you look lovely! Happy thanksgiving <3