Monday, November 7, 2011

Stitcher's Block Weekend

Stitcher's Block - a form of writer's block where a stitcher can't finish a goshdarn pattern and stumbles over her words while trying to describe its instructions.

Welcome to my weekend of stitcher's block... or uh... week of it, I guess. Most of last week was spent starting projects I couldn't bring myself to finish, stumbling over my words, and ripping things out.

Friday and Saturday were entirely devoted to frogging... the process of "rip it" ripping it out.

Sunday and Monday I was finally able to finish a project or two. Hopefully these accomplishments will keep on coming.

Got The Hooded Poncho and the One Cabled Hat out today... if the instructions are unclear, I blame stitcher's block. Please email me at so I can clear them up for you if they are too wordy or confusing. Have an awesome week, stitchers!

Pictures of new patterns and the frogging process are below!

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