Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crochet Earrings DIY

Crochet jewelry is one thing you can wear all year any day. You will need...

-Crochet Thread
-Teeny Tiny Crochet Hook
-Earring Hooks

Ch 9. Join in a loop with a sl st.
Row 1: Ch 1. 16 Sc into this loop. Join with a sl st.
Row 2: Ch 3. *3 trc into first st. 3 trc into second st. Ch 7 and skip the next 2 Sc. Repeat from * 3 more times. Join with sl st.
Row 3: Ch 1. *1 sc into first trc. 1 Dc into second trc. 2 dc into third trc. Ch 4 and sl st into the top of the last dc you just finished. 2 dc into next trc. 1 dc into next trc. 1 sc into final trc. 7 sc into ch-7 space. Repeat from * around. On the final repeat, use the ch 4 and sl st into the dc to attach to the loop of your earring. If the loop on your earring is not big enough for this, you may need to use some jewelry tools to attach a jewelry ring from your crochet piece to the earring piece. Join with a sl st after you circle the entire row.

Cut ends and weave them in.

If you worry about the ends coming unwoven, you can dab them with a small bit of fabric glue. Then lay out your earrings and spray them with your starch so they harden and are no longer floppy crochet pieces. Have fun wearing such pretty earrings!

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