Friday, December 9, 2011

Adventures in Shopping

In an effort to save money while also soothing my shopping habit, I took a trip to some used clothing stores on a birthday shopping adventure. I'm hooked. I got a massive amount of super cute and unique things for far less than 100 dollars! And you could too!!! I got all of these items below plus some shoes, a belt, and a few beautiful but basic bright colored high quality wool sweaters.

Some tips for your next used clothing adventure...

- Go with a wishlist in mind. My wishlist for this trip included a tribal multicolor belt (check), bright colored high quality pencil skirt (I was hoping for yellow, but red is good too! check), fancy wool shorts (still looking), something with stripes (check), something with polka dots (check), bright colored high quality sweaters (check), and mary jane heels (still looking).

- Rather than looking through every single thing, do a quick finger through for colors that attract you or fabric that seems nice. THEN you can pull it out and see if you like the whole thing.

- If it looks worn, put it back. (Thanks to my Aunt Mary - a very skilled shopper- for this tip). If you're looking for something to wear to yoga or around the house, grab that comfy worn sweatshirt! But if you want something nice to improve your wardrobe, you won't wear it unless it looks mostly new.

- If you like it, try it on, no matter the marked size. Through the years, the many brands of clothes, and the zillions of places these clothes could come from... size gets jumbled. If it's a piece you really like, go ahead and try it on. Sometimes a marked large fits a small! Happy Day!

If you're looking for a cheap way to dress up your holiday outfits while still saving money for holiday gifts (or an internship in my case), this is the way to go! PLUS... buying used clothes is more environmentally friendly as well! Happy shopping!

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