Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fine and Funky Birthday

Having a birthday days after the finish of a totally awesome craft fair results in some totally awesome and locally made birthday presents. (Thanks, Mom!)

Our awesome crafting neighbor Chris gave me this as a birthday gift (THANK YOU!!!) and it's adorable. It's one of those awesome creations you can store in the freezer or heat in the microwave! Mine's already safe in our freezer for use on whatever part of me is most sore after I try out a dance class on Monday. If you want one you can contact Chris Reynolds (970)226-4544.

I can't wait to sip my morning coffee from this Colorado mountain pride mug hand made ceramic art by Leah and Scott DeCapio of Spirits of the Rocks. They have their own gallery and espresso cafe in Glen Haven, so be sure to check them out if you are Colorado bound!

I admit I'm an earring junky (I only brought back about 12 pairs from Uganda...), which is why I was pumped to open these lovelies from J.C. Milner Metalworks. I'm already thinking of all the outfits I can wear these with!

And finally...

I actually put a puppy on my birthday/Christmas list... even though I know I can't have one. So I was really excited to find this puppy (his name is Duncan - after Isadora Duncan - yes I named him already) when I got home for the day. A big thank you to my cousin Jimmy for making my puppy dreams come true.

And the best birthday present of all... finding out I'll have the opportunity to intern with Krochet Kids International starting in February! Read about that awesomeness HERE.

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