Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Building on the genius of ELSIE LARSON!

All of us have our awesome blogs that we love to read each day. One of my favorites is A Beautiful Mess by Elsie Larson!

She has a wide range of amazing DIY's and fashion advice. I stumbled upon this Snow Day Hat DIY and it is so incredibly awesome!

So I have this great idea on a way to build on it for some more advanced stitchers. Go check out her site for this amazing DIY, and take these little extra steps into account if you feel like putting your crochet stitching skills to some extra fancy use.

-First, you need some extra yarn in the pom pon color of your choice.

- When you are stitching the length of your jaw bone to jaw bone measurement, make it a multiple of 5 plus 1 (Use the color of your pom). Sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across. Complete 4 rows of sc in this color.

-After those first 4 rows in the pom pon color, join the second color. *Sc into the Sc of previous row (row 4). (The next few stitches involve making a sc into previous rows - this is done by inserting the hook into a lower row, yarn over, and pull through. Because this is a row or 2 down from where you would usually insert your hook, pull this loop long so it reaches back to the top of the work, then finish the Sc stitch as usual.) Sc into the Sc 2 rows down (row 3). Sc into the Sc 3 rows down (Row 2). Sc into the Sc 2 rows down (row 3). Sc into the Sc of previous row (row 4). Repeat from * across. (See close up picture for a better idea on how to do this step.

- Now finish the hood according to awesome Elsie's instructions! HOORAY!

Email me at SansLimitesCrochet@gmail.com if you have questions on the color changing row- it is a bit confusing! Happy stitching! And remember to add A Beautiful Mess to your daily reading list!

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