Friday, December 16, 2011

Fancy Cardigan DIY

Cardigans in bright colors are my new loves this winter. Here's an awesome way to use your crochet skills to make your cardi stand out from the rest.

You will need:
- A small amount of yarn (best in a neutral color)
- Hook that goes with your yarn's gauge (I'm using a J with my worsted weight yarn)
- A cardigan (I got this one at Old Navy for $15, but they're pretty easy to find at thrift shops as well)
- A needle, thread, and pins
- A pattern for your favorite granny square or something similar (I'm using the Eastern Star pattern on pg. 81 of Interweave's Crochet Stitch Motifs.

Make two of whatever granny square or stitch motif you choose.

Pin them onto the front of your cardigan in a place you would have pockets.

If you want them to work as pockets, use the needle and thread to stitch them on leaving an opening at the top. If you want them to just be decorative, go ahead and sew the entire thing on. Take care not to wrinkle your cardigan underneath the crochet piece!

And Ta Da! You have a super cute cardigan! Email me at with any questions you may have! Happy stitching!

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