Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flower Earring DIY

I love dangling earrings, but realized my collection of posts has been chronically neglected. So here's an idea for some crochet earrings for the post loving people out there.

You will need:

-Earring posts with a flat area and backing findings (I'm using the Jewelry Essentials brand I found at Michael's)
- Crochet thread in a fun color (I'm using Aunt Lydia's Size 10 in red)
- A small crochet hook (I'm actually using a hook that came from a hair highlighting kit)
- Hot glue gun and glue

Ch 4. Join in a loop with a sl st.
Foundation Row 1: Ch 1. 9 Sc into the center of the loop. Join with sl st.
Petal Row 1: Working in front loops only of previous row, (Ch 2, 3 Dc into next stitch, Ch 2 and sl st into next stitch) 5 times around the circle.
Foundation Row 2: Working in the back loops of Foundation row 1 behind the petal row, (sl st into the same stitch where there are 3 Dc in the front loop, ch 2) 5 times. Join with a sl st.
Petal Row 2: (Ch 2, 3 Dc into ch-2 space, Ch 2 and sl st into the sl st of previous row) 5 times.
Cut and bind off and weave in ends.

Make 2 of these.

Heat up your hot glue and attach the flat surface of the earring posts to the back of the crochet flowers. Let them dry for a few hours before wearing. And TA DA! Earrings!

And these earrings look great with the Crochet Flower Crown from yesterday!

Congrats on making some fun and cute earrings! Email me at with any questions! Happy Stitching!

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