Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being Different

Last night I was perusing pinterest pre-sleep and I saw this little word blurb that I really loved. Pinned by Robyn created by piccsy.

I DO need to remind myself of this... daily.

Last night I met my two dear friends from high school for coffee. One is in medical school, one is in law school. They are both amazingly brilliant, bright, wonderful people and I can't wait to see what they do with their lives.

And other awesome news? My sister is still in the process of applying for graduate school and already has interviews lined up for the PhD programs at Harvard AND the Mayo Clinic in January! Holy moly smart cookie! (Congrats, Amanda!) So that means in a few short years I will be the ONLY person in my immediate family without a doctorate (yes, my parents are Dr. and Dr.).

How awesome is it being surrounded by such brilliant, hardworking, academic people each day? Very. Except for when I start to think about what I'm doing...

In a dream world, I would dance part time with an amazing modern dance company where I could tour the world from time to time, design awesome crochet and knit patterns the rest of the time, and somehow use my dancing and stitching skills to make a difference in the world. (Not ENTIRELY sure how yet, but that's why THIS NEWS is AWESOME!) Those things just don't seem as impressive at being a doctor, a lawyer, or a fancy pants scientist... but I need to realize we're not all cut out for those things, and it's OK to be a little different... quite awesome actually.

Creative people are open to new ideas and new people, they're accustomed to thinking outside the box, and they bring beauty to this world. So much love and happiness to the artsy creative types out there (I wish there were a few more of you in my daily life so I didn't feel like the odd one out at the dinner table...)

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KRags said...

I am inspired by both what you said and how you are living your life! I believe you are changing the world in your own way which is the very best. Keep your head up and remember your not alone!