Friday, December 23, 2011

Snowflake Garland DIY

I doubt your tree needs any extra dressing at this point (our last minute tree does)... but if you are feeling a little extra White Christmas (or Hanukkah, Kwanza, Boxing Day, New Year, etc...) wishing - here's a way to make it a bit snowier.

As a side note... I love Colorado Christmases... my favorite Christmas song (Colorado Christmas) says, "The closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere is a quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow..." and it's true- it's awesome ... except we hardly ever have a white Christmas. Yes, it's snowing NOW and TOMORROW... but the sun comes out just in time for Christmas... did you know Fort Collins gets 300 days of sunshine a year? ... always on Christmas...

Things you need to make a snowflake Garland...
- white worsted weight yarn - at least a skein, maybe more if you want your garland to be longer, definitely more if you want it to wrap around your tree.
- Crochet hook - I'm using an I.

Make a ton of snowflakes... really a ton
by following these steps...

Ch 4. Join into a small loop with a sl st.
Ch 3. (Dc, Ch1) 9 times into the center of the Ch.4 loop. Join with sl st.
Ch 1. 1 Sc in each dc and ch of previous row.
(Ch3 and sl st into the next st) all the way around the circle.

After you feel like you may have a sufficient amount of snowflakes (a ton) join them with a chain string. I do that by sl stitching into the first snowflake, then I ch 30, and sl sti into the next snowflake over and over and over again.

And YAY! You have a fun snowflake garland to add some white to your sunny Christmas! Email me at with any questions. Happy holidays and happy stitching!

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