Friday, December 2, 2011

Things that can go wrong at a craft show...

1. You forget it snowed the day before and that the car with all your stuff in it is stuck by no less than 2 other cars in the driveway... it takes 15 minutes to pull out of the house when you're already late.

2. As you are getting ready to leave, the ancient mini van (with all of your stuff) malfunctions and the gear shifting thingy stops working. Luckily, I spent high school driving this car (regretfully dubbed the "Saravan" by the dance team), so I can shift it into gear by feel alone. SKILLZ.

3. You decide to wear really cute boots that pair perfectly with your yarn bag. They really can't hold their own on ice or wet tile... yeah... the slippage while carrying boxes happened. Wondering how many muscles got pulled while trying to avoid a belly flop.

4. Your crafty neighbors can have the legs to their table fold under with all their merchandise on it sending boxes and broken glass all over where you'll be sitting for the rest of the day. The awesome boots don't do too much to protect from that either.

5. The weather can turn frigid and snowy discouraging all your potential customers who are supposed to be enjoying an outdoor art walk from leaving their comfy homes... can't say I blame them.

6. You can be directed into one line to exit the parking lot by one security guard only to be yelled at by a different security guard explaining why you are in the wrong line... yes... I caused a big hubbub in the crowded parking structure downtown on a Friday night... only slightly mortified.

Those things being said... it would still be really nice to see y'all at the Fine and Funky craft show tomorrow at the Opera Galleria from 10am to 6pm. Warm smiles and cups of coffee appreciated.

Happy weekend!


Suzy said...

So sorry that the weather wasn't cooperating!! I bet the craft show was wonderful. I wish I wasn't a 16 hour drive away, you know I would be there!! Love the new updates to the blog. It's absolutely a joy! You are on my list of "read every day"!!

Sans Limites Crochet said...

Awe! Thanks, lady! Hope you are staying safe and warm in Arkansas! You Foco bound at all for the holidays?