Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Howdy all! It's FRIDAY! HOORAY!

Couple things...

1. Tonight in Fort Collins, you should brave the bitter cold and come out for the First Friday Art Walk in Old Town. And HEY... while you're doing that, come into the Opera Galleria, get warm, and support some local artists - especially my Mother Dear! She still has the awesome necklaces from this post, plus some new ones that are cool, plus really cool ornaments for your tree (like this Peace on Earth one)!

And 2. My Etsy Black Friday sale is coming to an end. Sad day. I'll be deactivating the coupon code tonight when we get back from the FINE AND FUNKY... tomorrow morning if I'm feeling sleepy. SO - take advantage of it today while you still can! A great opportunity to get 20% off everything listed in the shop right now, from dresses to patterns!

Even THIS really nice sweater... 20% off! I promise it makes an awesome gift! I know because I gave one just like it to my Mama last year and she LOVES it! <3

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