Sunday, January 1, 2012


Last night - pre wine drinking (yum) - I sat down and wrote out some goals I want to accomplish with Sans Limites Crochet and the blog this year.

As with any New Year's Resolutions- these may not be accomplished, but they are the goal! I'm about to get much busier with this AWESOME opportunity I'm starting in a month, and I hope to keep up with SLC as often as possible nights and weekends. HOORAH!

-Get under control and running.

-Familiarize myself with photoshop and illustrater (prettier things for you to look at!)

- Try to include 1 free DIY on the blog per week.

- Try to make 1 bigger more complicated pattern to sell per week.

- 1 blog post per weekday - with some wiggle room for holidays, days when I'm on the road, moving in or out of a place... etc... you get the idea.

- 6 collaborations this year - so if you are a crafty yarn maker or stitcher who wants to work together in some way, let me know! <3 -Take a sewing class and become extra friendly with my sewing machine. -Make more complicated patterns, challenge myself, and be less afraid of failure and ripping it all out... Personal resolutions include becoming a runner, doing more yoga, learning to sail a boat, take dance classes regularly, and figure out a life plan... haha... wish me luck. Hope you all had a fantastic New Year and can spend today relaxing with a good cup of coffee and cozy in your PJ's with all your loved ones (that's what I'm doing). Any especially awesome resolutions out there? Best of luck to you!

Image from ElEmBee.

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Johnny and Lacie said... is a great way to learn photoshop and illustrator.