Monday, January 2, 2012

Warby Parker

I managed to tear my last pair of contact lenses as well as break off one of the arms to my glasses last week... so it's a good thing I had already been perusing all the eye wear available at Warby Parker. I just got my 5 pairs to try on at home on Friday... so I have to decide by tomorrow. I keep thinking I've made up my mind when I change it again...

As an additional plug ... Warby Parker gives a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair purchased. And as far as prescription glasses go, they are cheap, cheap, cheap... so at least if YOU can't decide YOU could maybe buy 2 or 3 pairs for the normal cost of one! YIPPEE!!!

The Nedwin

The Zagg

The Webb

The Sibley

And here are some photos from my trip to Uganda of us trying to sort a couple suitcases worth of glasses and Carly performing an eye test. I know I'm having a hard time surviving without a reliable source of seeing, I can't imagine going my life without glasses! The people in Uganda were SOOOO happy when we could find them a pair that helped them see better - which is why I'm so excited to be buying my glasses from Warby Parker... now if I could only pick a pair...

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Suzy said...

Go with the zagg!! Totally awesome!!!