Saturday, February 18, 2012

31 Bits

So, 31 Bits is a totally awesome company that has a lot in common with Krochet Kids. They are both based out of Gulu, you can read about the women that make the products, and they are both focused on empowerment. One of the 31 Bits founders is actually married to one of the KKi founders (talk about an awesome couple, huh?).

31 Bits has some amazing jewelry all made from paper beads by women in Uganda. What makes this extra especially cool is that paper beads are a craft that the women were already working on (I bought some paper bead earrings on my trip from a group of women in Katosi). But 31 Bits has come in, cleaned them up a bit, and made them really just much much much cooler pieces of jewelry.

As KKi interns (we kind of have connections... kind of) we got to go to the launch party of 31 Bits Spring Line. Lots of really awesome and beautiful pieces. I bought a mint necklace and matching bracelet that I CAN NOT WAIT to wear. AND you can feel good about buying from this company because the money is making such a difference in the lives of women living in poverty!

Check out photos of our launch party adventures below and then go buy something HERE.

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