Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's my first day here at Krochet Kids and I'm having a blast!
The main man I'll be working with just got back from Uganda LAST NIGHT... so he's getting accustomed to the US of A once again and I'm getting accustomed to the warehouse and website (BOTH AWESOME). You can learn more about KKi on their site,

While reading up on the awesome crochet women (which you can do HERE), I found this statement from a lady named Margaret.

Crocheting makes me forget my problems and relaxes my mind.

Me too, Margaret, me too.
Although, she's survived far greater problems in her life than I have.
I feel as though we would be great friends.
Read more about Margaret's story HERE.

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Liz Jones said...

Sara, we're so glad you're here! The intern house is complete because of you. Thanks for already being such a encouraging and smiling part of the team!