Monday, February 13, 2012

Powerful Flower Tshirt DIY

You may remember this crochet flower pattern I posted a few months ago. Here's another cool way to use those flower making skills.

You will need:
- Some bulky yarn in a good flower color
- A crochet hook in a size that works well with your yarn (I used an N)
- Fitted white T-shirt (mine is a Jerzees Jr. Fit)
- Pins
- Needle and thread in a matching color

Follow the flower pattern with your bulky yarn. Continue making petal rows until the diameter of the flower is about 9 inches. Lay it over one of the sleeves of the T-shirt and pin it on. Take your needle and thread, and sew around the circumference of the flower, also sew the middle of the flower to the shirt. And TA DA... your T-shirt is now powerfully flowered with a huge statement crochet flower! Perfect for getting you noticed! Email me at with any questions.

1 comment:

Hanni said...

Crochet applique is so lovely. I love they way how this simple T-shirt turned out!