Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flower Braid DIY

I love wearing my hair in a braid... especially when I don't have time to tame that mess. Here's a cool way to add some flowers to your braided do.

You will need:
-A really small crochet hook.
-Crochet thread in a fun color.
-A bobby pin.

Begin by chaining 20, then make a flower by
Ch 4. Join in a loop with a sl st.
Foundation Row 1: Ch 1. 9 Sc into the center of the loop. Join with sl st.
Petal Row 1: Working in front loops only of previous row, (Ch 2, 3 Dc into next stitch, Ch 2 and sl st into next stitch) 5 times around the circle.
Foundation Row 2: Working in the back loops of Foundation row 1 behind the petal row, (sl st into the same stitch where there are 3 Dc in the front loop, ch 2) 5 times. Join with a sl st.
Petal Row 2: (Ch 2, 3 Dc into ch-2 space, Ch 2 and sl st into the sl st of previous row) 5 times.
Continue on with another ch 20 after you finish the flower.
Keep going until the string of flowers is the same length as your hair.
Then cut and bind off, weaving in the extra ends.
Thread the bobby pin through the first chain.

Now to wear it, pin the bobby at the base of your neck. When you go to braid your hair, let the crochet strand of flowers follow along with your braid.

If you want to get REALLY flowered up, you can wear this with the FLOWER CROWN DIY or the FLOWER EARRING DIY and just be flowered to the extreeeeeeeme!

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