Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Pineapple Necklace DIY

This is a super cute fun necklace to wear, and this is what you need...

- worsted weight yarn in cotton
- a matching hook like an H or an I
- good scissors

Ch 10.
Row 1: Ch 1. 20 sc into the ch-10 loop.
Row 2: Ch 2. 1 Dc in each of the next 10 sc. Turn.
Row 3: Ch 3. 1 Tc in each dc of previous row. Turn.
Row 4: Ch 1. *1 sc in tc of previous row. Ch 3. Repeat from * across. Finish with a sc in the final tc. Turn.
Row 5: Ch 1. *1 sc in ch-3 space of previous row. Ch 3. Repeat from * across ending with sc in the final ch-3 space. Turn.
Repeat Row 5 until there is only 1 ch 3 in the row and bind off. Weave in the loose ends. Attach yarn at the top center of the beginning circle. Ch 100 to fit around your neck, and attach to the top of the circle.

Finish the necklace by adding some fringe to the bottom of the pineapple. AND TA DA! You have a really cool Pineapple Necklace to wear around! WOOH!

HUGE thank you to my roomie, Jess, for being my lovely model!

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