Thursday, May 17, 2012

You know you're an intern when...

You know you're an intern when...
-Buying yourself a soda is a day you consider splurging.
-You sit in a coffee shop debating if you want to spend your money on the caffeine you need to make it through the day or breakfast for the week.
- You let an empty bottle of shampoo sit in the shower for a week because you're convinced you can get more out of it.
- One of your bosses gives you chocolate and you're so appreciative you might cry.
- You haven't shaven your legs for two weeks because you can't afford a new razor.
- You post coupons on your fridge and go to any event that might offer free food.
- You try to squeeze three meals out of one order of Pad Thai.
- You spend 20 minutes looking for a place to park when you get home.
- You pay for toilet paper with the one dollar bills you got from the tip jar you set out at a work event.
- You fit 5 in the car. Always.
- You must sit in your car or the bathroom to have a private phone conversation.
- Your parents try to convince you to come home.
- Your friends tease you about that job you work where you don't get paid.
-You've gone over three months without a working TV. Booyah!

AND... you seriously neglect your personal life and other interests. I'm sorry I've been behind on blog posts, patterns, DIY's and life in general... I hope to be caught up soon! Love, Sara (and some of the other interns who helped me with a few of these!)
Photo from Jess!

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