Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hey all!

It has been forever since my last post! Amazing how life can get away from you sometimes! BUT... there is still a lot going on over here at Sans Limites Crochet!

First.... Sans Limites Crochet is on Instagram! I love photo sharing, and am really excited about it! You can follow me for lots of fun crochet photos to come! For now... enjoy these photos below from my road trip home!

Second... I'm unpacking my yarn today and getting ready to get to work! I'm packed full of ideas and have some fun things made already that I can't wait to get onto paper for you to try! (Hello, tapestry crochet duffel bag I love so much!)

Third... fair warning that new work may be coming a bit slowly... Drove into town yesterday to find my home covered in smoke from the High Park Fire and only one week left before the little sis moves away to Boston for SIX WHOLE YEARS to pursue her PhD at Harvard! Needless to say... I've been a bit emotional. It's hard to leave home for a few months and come back to so much change!

Plus there are a couple months of blogs I need to get caught up on! I'm back and blogging, so stay tuned!

Love, Sara

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