Thursday, July 5, 2012

Color Block Necklace DIY

You will need:
-That leftover thick hemp from the Basket DIY
-Lots of colorful scrap yarn
-Needle and Thread
-Necklace Findings

Begin by cutting 10-15 pieces of hemp, each piece 30 inches long.

Wrap bright pieces of yarn around the hemp. At the beginning and end of the hemp, knot the yarn so it doesn't come undone.

When all the pieces of hemp are wrapped in bright colors, take your needle and thread and sew through the pieces of hemp and yarn so they are all gathered at the end. It doesn't have to look super nice... you'll cover it later. Split the pieces in half and loosely twist them. Sew the pieces together at the opposite end.

Now take some black yarn and wrap it around the ends where all pieces are gathered. Take your needle and thread once more and sew the wrapping at the very tip of the necklace so it does not fall off the ends. Then sew the necklace finding on the end. Repeat on the opposite side and you have a really cool necklace ready to wear!

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