Friday, July 6, 2012


I got to go to the Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective exhibit at the Denver Art Museum this week. Loved it! SUCH an awesome man! Peacoats? His idea. Pant suites? All his. So interesting to see how such a modest man with such creative talent was able to inspire social change (women's equality) through clothing. He used famous artists and literature as inspiration; he was such an intelligent person. AND he maintained such a relationship with those that worked with him that asking a seamstress to stay up all night to resew a piece the night before a show did not inspire any hatred of him, only respect and love for his high standards. That's a good boss. AND he was the first haute couture designer to make a ready to wear collection... so normal people could afford to wear his designs. Very, very, very cool.

Pictured with his French Bulldog, Moujik. Photo from HERE.

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