Friday, July 13, 2012

Doilied Denim DIY

Do you have any leftover scraps of crochet doily from that time you made those shoes?

Time to put those leftovers to good use! I rescued these jeans from the garage sale/trash pile... now you can add some life to your ripped up jeans as well!

You will need:
-Your old favorite pair of ripped up jeans
-Leftover crochet doilies (or a new one from a craft store... or you can make it!)
-Needle and thread
-Some pins

Turn your jeans inside out.
Pin the doily to cover the hole in your knees.
Thread your needle, and sew the doily a half inch away from where the hole ends all the way around the perimeter of the hole. Use light tacking stitches that catch a good amount of denim, but don't go ALL THE WAY through to the other side. Make a second perimeter of stitches as close to the edge of the hole as possible. Trim any extra edges of doily, taking care not to cut TOO close to your stitches, so they don't unravel!

AND TA DA! Love those jeans just as much as you used to!

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Hannah Sinclair said...

I love this idea! I enjoy your blog too!
Have a great day,