Monday, July 16, 2012

This weeeek...

So this last Saturday, I hit the road again... I might as well officially be dubbed a nomad. I'm spending this week, and next, and maybe a couple more after that in Salt Lake City. My father dear is getting a brand spankin' new knee, and I am the official driver and food fetcher. I might have endless hours of boredom ahead (which I will crochet through...) or be running around like a crazy person... who knows? If blogs are MIA, it's cause I'm fetching coffee for a man getting used to some new hardware. Wish me luck!

And if you're thinking.. "Hey! That roll top backpack in the photo is new!" You're right! It is! I finished it on Friday! And will hopefully be working on the pattern as I chill in the hospital waiting room today! Coming soon!


queenie said...

that is a seriously beautiful pattern! Very striking.

Best wishes for your time in hospital waiting rooms and back and forth on your dad's behalf. . . . What would we do without something in our hands, making stuff in the meantime, eh? This is a gorgeous piece.

KRags said...

I love the roll top backpack! Looking forward to the pattern. Hoping all goes well with the new knee and your nursing skills!