Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clothing Challenge Update

About 2 months ago I decided I was going to give myself this Clothing Challenge.  I'm still reading Over Dressed by Elizabeth Cline, but I have to take frequent breaks... to crochet of course, and also because it just really depresses me sometimes.

On the plus side, this clothing challenge has been so completely awesome!  It's been a rough couple months and I have definitely had some shopping cravings.  Instead of heading to the mall, I've headed to Goodwill and Arc.  AND found some amazing stuff... and you could too!

I made it out of Goodwill with these goodies for under $20!  Let's face it... even at a cheapie store like Forever 21 if you choose to buy something, you probably don't make it out for under $20... and you don't have clothes (and boots) as cool and unique as these.


The top pair of boots is from Free People and cost about $328.  The bottom pair I got at Goodwill for $5!  Reusing something that's not wanted... and money goes to a good cause!

And typically I can't afford a vintage 1970's Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress... but at Arc... I can!
I am so sold on this!  I don't think I'm EVER buying new clothes again!  So read Over Dressed, and find your local thrift store. Yay!

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