Monday, September 10, 2012

This time... last year

Around this time last year, I made this dress.  Using some filet crochet sleeves and fringe.  I liked it quite a lot...

OK... that was well over a year ago... this exact time last year I was in Italy... trying not to think about how badly I wish I was there right now!!!

Anyway... I liked this dress quite a lot, but it was going to be difficult to explain in a pattern, so I never wrote one.  Then a couple days ago, I was perusing and saw such a similar dress my jaw dropped!  This probably happens to you stitchers a lot... Isn't it funny how we can all have such similar ideas happening at such similar times?

Anyway... now I'm thinking it might be pattern writing time for this thing!  What do you think?

TopShop Dress photo from here.
My dress from last year

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