Thursday, October 18, 2012

75 and Sunny

Hi All!

I'm so so very sorry I haven't posted in so so very long!  In the last few weeks, I decided a bit last minute to do an outdoor market this weekend- The French Nest, applied and was accepted to Renegade in San Fran (more on all that later), applied for grad school (EEK!), had a garage sale at my house, enjoyed an awesome visit from Rachel from Washington (one of my very best friends), and made a whole stash of large and small Weekender Bags and Roll Top Backpacks (which if you've made those - know it takes quite a bit of time).  Anyway...   been quite busy and there have been far less posts, DIY's, and patterns.  And that makes me sad.  BUT, after this Saturday - returning to all that full force!  And just in time for the little BOOK RELEASE!  Geez Louise... there's a lot going on over here!

How many of you guys have gotten stuck doing outdoor markets in horrible weather?  I have far far far too many times.  In fact, when I was at the Salt Lake Farmer's Market - I swear mother nature would play one big joke on me with absolutely perfect weather all week long until market day... week after week.  It was a downer.  Which is why I'm so crazy excited the forecast for this weekend is 75 AND SUNNY!!! Thanks Colorado! And it reminded me of one of my favorite songs I listen to all the time!  I'll definitely be playing it at my booth this weekend - so if you are in Northern Colorado - come visit!!!  Etsy shop will be closed Saturday - check Ravelry and Craftsy for any pattern needs you may have!

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nicole reynolds said...

congrats on the Renegade in san fran! thats so awesome:) cant wait for more diy:)