Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Half the Sky

Last night I watched the first half of this documentary on PBS.  The book Half the Sky has been on my "want to read"  list for so long...  I'm pumped the writers have turned it into a documentary.  It is very powerful, and definitely worth watching the second half tonight!  (Something to stitch to, friends!)  Just check out this trailer...

So... yes, this is a crafting blog... but I think all crafters should watch this!  Why?  Because most of us are women (huge props to all the crochet dudes out there, though).  Watching this documentary makes me appreciate my life so much, and helps me gain a far deeper understanding of the world (which we all need, always).  There are so many women in this world that experience life in ways I can not even imagine...  and they are so amazingly strong and kickass.  There is just no other word to describe them.

Another cool thing?  Craft can help.  It really can.  Just look at the women empowering themselves by knitting and crocheting at the Krochet Kids international compounds in Uganda and Peru... or the women making jewelry with 31 Bits... or the women making yarn from recycled silk saris in Nepal and India for places like Darn Good Yarn...  or you and DEFINITELY me using it to make some money, improve our lives, and maybe even fight a little depression...  Craft is something done by women all over the world, and even though it seems like such a little itty bitty thing... it can make this world a better place.

Watching this documentary reminds me so much of the women I met and talked with during my time in Uganda,  still, to this day, the most impressive and powerful women I have ever met.  We are half the world.  We are half the sky...   we can change this.  Check out the Half the Sky Movement today.  And tonight get all your lady pals, and better yet - the men in your lives, to sit down and watch on PBS. 

Rock on, ladies. 

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