Monday, October 1, 2012

RE-Organized on Etsy!

Howdy all!

So 2 weeks ago, I said I was splitting my shop in two... that proved to be more complicated than I was hoping for, so instead I did a massive reorganization!

So, if you look in the upper left column you will see I have edited my Shop Sections.

Finished Accessories - includes already made hats, scarves, and headbands that range in price from $17 to $30.

Finished Clothing - includes already made clothing items like skirts, shorts, vests, dresses, tops, skirts, etc. that range in price from $45 to $250.

Finshed Bags - there is nothing in this category at the moment, but I'm scrambling to get some super awesome bags ready for craft fairs and boutiques.  When they are not for sale in those locations, they will be for sale HERE.  Price range is probably going to be $45 to $250 (because if you have been stitching you know that Roll Top Backpack takes a lot of work)!

Knit Patterns - This section is for those knitters out there!  Some things just need to be knit to have the right look or drape.  I'm not a super advanced knitter myself, so all of these are pretty great for beginning knitters or crocheters trying to learn to knit for the first time.  $5-$7.

Crochet Accessory Patterns - crochet patterns for hats, scarves, cowls, headbands, handwarmers but NOT BAGS (they have their own sections).  $5-$7.

Crochet Clothing Patterns - crochet patterns for tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, vests, etc.  $5-$7.

Crochet Bag Patterns - my current favorites!  All tapestry crochet bags and cases for your shtuff.  $5-$7.

Crochet Home Patterns - OK... the floor pillow pattern is all that is there now, hopefully more coming soon!

Reserved/Great Deals - the place for things made especially for you and other great deals.  Expect this section to grow a lot in the coming months!  Once things settle down a little bit here there will be the chance to get great deals on patterns in this section!  Great deals on patterns?  HOORAH!

So check out the new shop!  Hopefully it is easier to find stuff, if you are having any problems let me know.

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