Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday

It is that week again...  It's like the Olympics for cookers and shoppers.  You cook all day, eat all night, then shop the rest of the night (because shopping at 4 in the morning is pretty much still night time... let's not kid ourselves).

The more I've read and learned about the world... the less into big store shopping I've become. ( Ok... I still love Target, but after watching a documentary on Wal-Mart... I'm pretty sure I'll never set foot inside one again.)  I've even been successful with my clothing challenge... I haven't bought a NEW piece of clothing since JUNE and with my birthday only 3 weeks away, I think I'm going to make it!  I can't believe all the cool things I've found at thrift stores... and all the money I have saved!

So... in an effort to get our AMERICAN economy rockin again, I'm trying to make everything on my list (and every gift I buy for people) bought from a local business, re-used/re-purposed, or handmade.  And my hometown is making that so easy on me.  There are about 3-5 craft fairs per weekend here so I can buy from all my crafting friends.  Fort Collins is also having a Plaid Friday (instead of Black Friday) where all the local businesses are having awesome sales and super fun events to boot.  But fear not if your hometown is not as cool as the Fort (this place is pretty hard to top) because American Express has launched Small Business Saturday.  So if you really can't give up your Black Friday habit and amazing deals,  make sure you come home early enough to fit in a good nap and some leftovers and make it back out to support your local small businesses on Saturday!

We just made it through a terribly divisive election where we all agreed we want a president who will be hard on China.  Your Christmas budget is a great way for YOU to be hard on China, support your friends and neighbors, stimulate our economy, and all become friends again in the spirit of Christmas... or any other holiday you are celebrating this season.

Wishing you all so much love, happiness, and cherished time with the ones you love this week!

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