Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Faux Fur Pom DIY

Need a classy something to top off your hats this season?  Try this fax fur pom!

You will need: 
-Some Faux Fur Fabric that you don't hate (there's some icky choices out there)
-Measuring Tape
-Needle and Thread
-Cotton Ball (or 3 for the larger Pom)
-A simple hat to attach it to (like the Knit Cap or Basic Crochet Beanie)
-A Tape Roller thing to clean up all the fuzz that gets left after... this stuff sheds like crazy.

For a Small Pom, cut a 3 inch by 3 inch square using your measuring tape.  For a Large Pom, cut a 5 inch by 5 inch square.

The next series of pictures will show the process with a square piece of paper so you can see better, because fuzz is hard to see through...

Pretend this is your square piece of fur.

Fold two of the corners into the center.  Seem where the two edges meet.

Do this again with the next corner, seeming where the two edges meet.

Now is a good time to stuff the cotton ball (or 3 for a large pom) into the center.

Fold the very last corner in and make the last seem!  After this you are ready to sew the pom onto your hat!

Here is your square of fur... for reals this time.

Pinch/fold the corners into the center and seem along where the two sides meet.

After the first seem, it should look like this...continue folding the corners in... it can get a bit messy, don't worry if your stitches go crazy... it's fur, so nobody can tell, and the seem side will be the bottom part of the pom that is up against the hat.

 AND BOOM!  You are done with a pretty cool pom! Sew it onto your hat with some extra needle and thread!   So you have a lot of that fake fur left?  Don't worry... I've got some ideas for how to use it for next week... stay tuned!

Don't forget about Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday!

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