Friday, December 28, 2012

Duckbill Platypus

We have a few Christmas traditions that are pretty silly but awesome... and they make me so happy.

1.  All 4 of us must be together to pick out our Christmas tree, but we can't get one until after my birthday.  This usually results in us not being able to get a tree until just a few days before Christmas.  Amanda and I always play argue over which one to get, and then we take some pictures hugging the tree (I know... we're weird).  We always go to the Fort Collins Nursery to get it (YAY local business) and the same tree expert is always working when we show up.  This year (2 days before Christmas with 3 trees left), he came out and said he wondered when we were going to show up and he was about to put one aside for us!  Haha...  so weird we're memorable... that's my family!

2.  We still leave cookies for Santa and he still brings us a couple gifts and leaves a thank you note for the cookies.  Although, our parents have become far better gift givers over the years than Santa. ;)

3. My parents still make us wait at the top of the stairs for at least 10 minutes so my mom can take pictures of us running down the stairs...  even though this year we made a yummy breakfast for them before that happened...

4. There is usually some amount of silly dancing to Christmas music in the kitchen. 

 5. We always go to a winter dance class with Sarah, one of our dance teachers from high school.  She lives in San Diego, and she's been doing a winter master class since I was in 8th grade.  (Back then we stayed to learn her choreography for dance competitions after... now we just have fun.)

6. My favorite... Amanda and I make a duckbill platypus face in front of the tree.  This probably started when my mom made us pose for a zillion pictures and we decided to liven 'em up a bit... but now it's a tradition all it's own.

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