Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Collar Chain Necklace DIY

Have you seen those cool collar type necklaces with really big chains involved?  Yeah... those are cool.  Here is a way you can crochet one!

You will need:
-A large chain (large as in big links, not large as in long).
-A large claw clip that will fasten the necklace.
-Some jewelry making tools.
-Crochet thread in a couple colors.
-Small crochet hook like an F.

Let me please re-emphasize that I'm horrible at crafty things other than knit and crochet... so these things that include jewelry making tools, or glue, or basically anything other than yarn...  not my forte.  I will make a small attempt to tell you how I did the jewelry stuff... but it is pretty common sense, and you will probably do it better than me...

Use your jewelry making tools to cut the chain to be the length you want.  This necklace looks cool as a choker.  Cut some extra length if you want the size to be variable.  Mine is about 25 inches long.

Attach your giant claw to one side of the chain.

Now it's crochet time (phew!).  Grab your hook and the first color of crochet thread, crochet into the metal chain as if it is a row of single crochet.  I made 2 sc into each link of the chain across.  Cut and bind off that color, weave in the ends on each side.  Join the next color of crochet thread back on that original side,  now you will be crocheting into an ACTUAL row of single crochet... much easier.  This row, make one sc into each of the first 4 sc, then sc2tog (this makes it so the necklace will curve around and lay flat on your neck).  Do this all the way across.  Cut, bind off, and weave in the loose ends on each side.  Now join your third and final color (or the first color again).  This row make one sc into each of the next 3 sc, sc2tog.  Do this all the way across.  Cut, bind off, and weave in the loose ends on each side.

BOOM!  You're done.  YAY!  Now make another version with sparkling crochet thread to wear to your holiday/new year's festivities!

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