Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home Again, Home Again!!!

Hello all!

Hope you had a lovely week! In the last 11 days, I have spent 6 of them driving, 2 at Renegade, and 1 Christmas shopping when the highway was closed! I have done no crocheting... needless to say, I'm wound a little tightly.

Finally made it back to Fort Collins not even 3 hours ago, then left immediately after that to grab my sister from the airport... who almost got stuck in Chicago until SUNDAY because her flight was canceled. Holy moly, are we glad she hopped on a different one and is here... just in time for the world to END! (At least we'll all be together, haha!)

Now I need to start Christmas shopping/making, do lots and lots of laundry, answer all your Etsy messages, ship some presents and orders and stuff, make some custom orders from Renegade, get my life organized, work on the DIY's I promised you, find a Christmas tree... I don't even know why I'm still sitting here writing this with so much on my to do list...

But for now... a hot bath so my feet will be warm for the first time in 11 days... that was one cold road trip! More fun stuff to come tomorrow!

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