Thursday, December 6, 2012


This was an overactive week for SansLimitesCrochet on Instagram...  Lots of holiday parade photos (this year's Parade of Lights and Macy's 2004)... lots of Krochet Kids photos (I hope you voted for them to win a million - if not, it's OK, just go buy a hat instead!) ...  and a pic from a Ugandan orphanage for World AIDS day...   oh yeah... and of course, some really cool stitching DIY projects.

Hope you have a lovely week!  Hopefully a new pattern coming out today... just working on taking some PHOTOS!  (PS  In the works with One O.A.K.  Photography for some really fun pictures that are more than just out by our front door...  get excited!)

Leaving early next week to head out to San Fran for Renegade!  (read up -------------->)
Blog posts may be sparse, so be sure to follow SansLimitesCrochet on Instagram or Tumblr for road trip, craft fair, and stitching photos!  

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