Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Dear dear friends!
So, last year, about this time I found out I was going to have the chance to intern at Krochet Kids international - a non-profit company that teaches women in Northern Uganda to crochet (and now women in Peru to knit). The hats these women make are sold in Nordstrom's stores, various boutiques, some Whole Foods stores, and Urban Outfitter's online. These women have a steady, paying job for the first time ever... combine that with business classes, a mentor program, and investment opportunities... and these women are now not only changing their lives, but the lives of those around them. That's how people are being empowered to rise above poverty. The coolest part? Each hat is signed by the lady who made it, so you can go online, look her up, read her story of change, and thank her for that hat handmade for YOU on the other side of the world... that's pretty awesome.

My fellow interns and I worked tirelessly for months because we believed so strongly that this could change the world (and cause crochet beanies are awesome- am I right?). Now Krochet Kids is one of 25 charities vying for a ONE MILLION DOLLAR GRANT from Chase Bank at the American Giving Awards, but they need YOUR VOTE to make it happen! (Go ahead and do that at http://bit.ly/vote4kki)

The number one criticism we got in our inboxes at KKi Headquarters was the wish for AMERICAN jobs... because we have problems here too (though nothing like the poverty in Uganda). I still remember working for KKi at a sustainability event and chatting with people about making this company more environmentally sustainable. The next week I discussed with the boys the idea of using recycled sweaters to make hats... they were so excited they went out and bought sweaters right then and there and started developing a plan for how their business model could work right here in this country for those living in poverty. I still remember how excited these guys were about the idea of helping more people. That always has been and always will be the focus at KKi. What was only whispers back in April could become reality this week - with YOUR VOTE.

There are few chances in life to do so much good with such a small action. You are just a few mouse clicks away from helping one small company change the world. So please please please take some time to vote before 9pm on December 4. And if you are even half as jazzed on KKi as I am, share this with YOUR friends. And watch the American Giving Awards on NBC on December 8 to see if your vote made a difference. And keep an eye out for KKi's spring collection with a ton of my crochet designs. OK... that's all.

Peace, Love, and so much THANKS,
(And I promise this will be the last time I facebook bomb you with so much stuff... thanks for your patience!)

Word from KKi HQ is that we are in a close second!  YOUR VOTE WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE TODAY!  #LETSWINTHIS

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