Monday, December 3, 2012

The Leaf Hair Wreath DIY

Combining the Flower Crown and the Leaf Headband into this shiny, glittery, and holiday festive hair piece in this week's DIY!  This wreath will make you glimmer at any holiday or New Year's party!

You will need:
-Some black elastic 1/2 inch thick and long enough to fit snugly around your head.
-Some gold or silver crochet thread
-Needle and thread
-Smaller Crochet hook like and E or a D

I doubled up the metalic crochet thread in my version so the pieces stood out a bit more, but if you want a smaller, more delicate look, you can do this with just one strand.

Make 6 of the leaves from the Leaf Headband DIY.

Now make 3 little balls by...
Ch 4.  Join with a sl st to make a small loop.
Ch 1. Make 7 sc into the center of the ch 4 loop.  Join with sl st.
Ch 1. 1 sc in each sc of previous row.  Join with sl st.
Ch 1. Sc 2 together all the way around.  Close the bottom of the little ball with a sl st.

Sew the  3 little balls together at their base.
Sew the elastic in a headband loop.
Sew onto the elastic the 6 leaves, 3 on each side moving out from the center, each slightly overlapping.  Sew the 3 little balls into the top center of the headband with 3 leaves on each side of it.

And ta da!  You have a very cool little headband to wear around places.  And you can even do THIS COOL HAIR DO with it!

Happy Holidays!

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