Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hey stitchers!  ANYONE near Denver, Colorado needs to make their way on over to the Denver Art Museum and check out the SPUN exhibit.  (Going on now through Sept. 22.)

If you are even remotely interested in textiles and fibers, this is the place for you.  I went a couple weeks ago and it was amazing.  Some of my faves?  ...the room with the batik and ikat (WOW)  ...the silk scarf hand painted by Isadora Duncan's brother, Raymond (do you think it was one of her brother's scarves that made her meet her end in that car all those years ago???)...  and of course the crochet coral reef.

CROCHET CORAL REEF, GUYS!  It's a community project, so here is your chance to make something and have it displayed in an ART MUSEUM!  Pretty cool. 

Make something and send it to ...

Rose Eason
Denver Art Museum Offices
414 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Send questions to

Check out the pictures I took and this cool video about the crochet coral reef!

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Edana said...

Heya Sara, just found your blog. It's great. You really know how to make crochet garments stylishly. I love the crochet reef, I visited when it was in Ireland 3 years ago. Fascinating I did a ( slightly ranty ) blog post on it if ya wanna check it out sometime

Will be back here regular to check out your stuff, mucho props.