Monday, July 15, 2013

Roll Top Backpack Variations

Hey all!  Finally done with summer school and my sis has left town... back to stitching I go!

Here are a couple variations on the roll top backpack.  You'll need to purchase the pattern for these tips to make sense (not a free DIY, here), but once you have the pattern, you will now have 3 ways you can make it (the original plus these 2 variations...)  You can buy the pattern on Etsy or Ravelry.


Variation 1:  The Mini Roll Top

Ok... in this case the general construction of the pattern is basically the same, but smaller.  To do this, stop the construction on the bottom piece when you hit 105 stitches for a super mini, or 140 stitches for a medium mini.  Then move up the backpack.  The pattern is worked in a series of 5 stitches instead of 7 stitches.  So for the first color change row (Row 3) you will do Color A in 4 stitches instead of 6.  Row 4 is the same.  Row 5 has 2 stitches in Color A instead of 4. Row 6 is the same.  Now skip to Rows 9 and 10 which are the same.  Then skip to Row 13 and do 2 instead of 4 stitches in Color C.  Row 14 is the same.  Row 15 has 4 stitches in Color C instead of 6.  Rows 16, 17, and 18 are all the same.  Keep that pattern going all the way up the backpack and save lots of time and yarn and make yourself a mini!

Variation 2:  The Flag Roll Top

This one is very similar to the original.  Use only 2 colors for the diamond pattern.  Then grab yourself a piece of graph paper and draw out the flag (or really any pattern you want) to incorporate across the bottom part of the bag.  Once the pattern ends, return to the diamond pattern described in the original pattern and repeat it until it reaches about 25 inches.  Boom.  You've made a cool bag.

Any questions or further description needed, send me an email!  Happy stitching!!!

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